Osage Orange Wood for Sale - Bodock - Lumber - Sawdust for Dye - Bow Staves - Boards

Osage Orange Wood for Sale

Osage Orange is our specialty. Also known as Maclura pomifera or Bois d'arc, Horse Apples, Orange Apples, Hedge Apples, Bodark

Maclura Pomifera or Bois d'arc

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Osage Orange Tub

Osage Boards - Slabs

We offer different size Boards and Slabs - Cut Lumber - Osage is very hard wood used in lots of ways

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Osage Orange Crafting Blank Wood

Osage Crafting Blanks

Wood Blanks for Duck Calls, Gun or Knife Handles, Bowl Blanks, Wooden Spoons, Trophy Mounts and more.

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Hedge Balls - Osage Orange

Fruit - Hedge Balls

Osage Oranges Fruit: Is used for decoration and smells really good. Alleged Cancer Preventative and spider repellent.

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Bodock Bow Staves

Osage Bow Staves

High Quality Osage Orange Bow Staves Wood is used for Bow Making by the Pros. Walking Canes are made from Osage Orange

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Turning Blanks
Knife Handles
Bowl Blanks
Cutting Board Wood
Wood Pen - Crafting Wood
Wood - Slices - Rounds - Coasters


Moses Hardwoods

Hedge Tree in the Winter

Osage Tree

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Osage Orange Leaf

Osage Tree Leaves

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Osage Orange Tree Bark

Coasters and Trivits

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Osage Block Blank 1
Osage Orange Candle
Osage Orange Boards

Osage Orange Slab

Osage Orange Slab

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Osage Orange Sawdust

Osage Tree Sawdust

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Osage Orange Bow Stave

Osage Tree Bow Stave

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Osage Oranges - Hedge Balls

Osage Orange Bodok Hedge Balls

Hedge Balls, Orange Apples, Horse Apples, Hedge Balls. There is Male and Female trees. Only one of them produces the Orange Apple Fruit. Each dimple on the outside represents a seed on the inside. Each osage oranges apple has lot of seeds.


Stack of Osage Orange Bodok Wood

Stack of Osage Orange Bodok Wood

The wood is harvested in the Midwest, USA. Kilno r air dried for several years . We offer different wood cuts and shapes. We can custom cut to you needs. We band saw the wood. Most wood will need more sanding, shaping and finishing. We have other hard wood available upon request. Locust, Hickory, Oak, Walnut and Cedar

Osage Orange Cutting Board Blanks

Cutting Board 1 by X. Pieces of Hard Wood Osage Orange for Sale

The wood is harvested locally in the midwest.

Osage Orange wood is used for lots of purposes, hand crafting of Duck Calls, Gun and Knife Handles, Guitars, Wood Bowls, Wood Spoons, Trophy Mounts, Gun Stocks, Fence Posts and more.

Cracking and Checks do happen in Osage Orange drying
Comparison of Janka hardness of woods. LBF

Osage Orange 2,620
Hickory, Pecan 1,820
Hard Maple 1,450
White Oak 1,360
Beech 1,300
Red Oak 1,290
Yellow Birch 1,260
Green Ash 1,200
Black Walnut 1,010
Soft Maple 950
Cherry 950
Hack berry 880
Gum 850
Elm 830
Sycamore 770
Alder 590
Yellow Poplar 540
Cottonwood 430
Basswood 410
Aspen 350

Moses Hardwoods

Janka Hardness:

Comparison of hardness of woods. LBF

Osage Orange 2,620
Hickory, Pecan 1,820
Hard Maple 1,450
White Oak 1,360

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